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Reviews for Becker Chiropractic

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Becker Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions. Dr. Thomas Becker & Dr. Brian Becker

  • Hadn’t felt this good in months – thank you.

    -Donna E.
  • The staff was very pleasant. I walked in and felt like I was in the living room with family. It was a cool experience.

    -Rachel B.
  • I’m grateful for the many good things I experienced and saw.

    - Rosemary B.
  • The staff was very helpful and caring. Dr. Becker has hands from God!

    -Brandon W.
  • Wonderful staff, very professional, beautiful facility, wonderful visit for me!!

    -Tara M.
  • For a first time patient, they were extremely caring. I would recommend to my friends! Thank you for putting my mind at ease.

    -Barbara K.
  • Everyone there was so warm and welcoming addressing me by my name and very thorough about my first visit. And Tom is just an amazing person. So soft spoken and trusting with my body. He’s awesome.

    -William F.
  • Very nice, comfortable place.

    -Erin A.
  • First chiropractic appointment with Dr. Tom was today. Looking forward to the follow-up tomorrow. It seems he and Dr. Brian have an enormous fan base and ALOT of happy patients.

    -Denise B.
  • I was very pleased with my treatment! 

    -Roger B.
  • Very professional office.

    -Anthony L.
  • The excellent staff and Dr. Becker are all wonderful!

    -Michela R
  • Excellent practice with excellent staff. Top Rate.

    -Susan N.
  • I was very nervous, especially getting my neck adjusted for the first time. But my adjustment was stress-free, relaxing, and I felt great! The staff is amazing and kind.

    -Faith S.
  • My first experience with a chiropractor was great. Thanks!

    -Allison H.
  • As usual Dr. Brian was so nice, professional and very quick and efficient!

    -Jennifer W.
  • You have done very well. I think you are excellent!!!

    -Karl T.
  • First time to a chiropractor. Good experience. I expect to have a healthy back.

    -Donald F.
  • Super friendly and warm environment! Staff is outgoing and easy to talk to.
    Highly recommend!

    -Gabriela V.
  • Excellent experience from beginning to end 

    -Kristen P.
  • I appreciate the help, hugs, and smiles of Becker Chiropractic! I enjoy the relaxed yet professional atmosphere! Thank you for giving me excellent care.

    -Jeanne H.
  • Great place to receive help!

    -Judy C.
  • The process was easy and I was very comfortable throughout.

    -Michael R.
  • Great Staff, and very helpful too! I will highly recommend!

    -Dawn W.
  • Great office staff – professional and friendly!

    -Peggy T.
  • It was an excellent visit!

    -Gwen V.
  • I believe I can really be helped with my pain.

    -Sally M.
  • Everyone was so friendly. An upbeat, positive atmosphere best describes this practice.

    -Debra H.
  • The staff here is always excellent.

    -Keisha B.
  • Was able to walk in and get seen that morning. Very friendly staff.

    -Jeff D.
  • Wonderful place. Felt very comfortable and my body feels so much better. Dr. Becker is awesome. This is definitely the place to go!

    -Lavinia C.
  • I love you guys. You were awesome and took care of me accordingly to what I said. 

    -Rebekah M.
  • You guys are great. I’m going to recommend you to everyone.

    -Matt W.
  • Wonderful experience!

    -Diane F.
  • The personalities of everyone there is amazing. They actually care about what there doing, and it shows.

    -Matthew F.
  • The doctor is fantastic! Such a nice guy… Warm staff at the front desk. Over all great atmosphere 

    -Dara M.
  • Very friendly and helpful Showed that they really cared about my personal health and well being.

    -Jay Y.
  • Dr. Tom and his staff were wonderful as always! I’ve been coming here since 1992 and won’t go anywhere else even though I live an hour away now! What a blessing you all are!

    -Stephen S.
  • Beyond the professionalism, every person I encountered was incredibly friendly and welcoming. Like a family!

    -Tara Z.
  • Super friendly and helpful! 

    -Melicia W.
  • The intake/reception people are super nice. Thank you!

    -Peggy S.
  • Had a fabulous experience! Can’t wait for my next adjustment!

    -Nicole K.
  • You really helped relieve my pain.

    -Marleen M.
  • This was my first visit to a chiropractor. I had a great experience and look forward to future visits.

    -Norman G.
  • I love this place! Was afraid to get treated because of being pregnant, but I left there feeling like a million dollars! Thank you.

    -Ashley C.
  • This is probably the friendliest staff I have ever met!

    -Janice M.
  • Yes I would recommend clients to the practice in a heartbeat. Thank you Dr. Tom

    -Richard B.
  • Very pleased with first visit!

    -Laura S.
  • It was all I could have ever hoped for and more!! Thank You

    -Ralph W.
  • First time ever seeing a chiropractor. I was always skeptical, but I’m glad I did it. Feeling much better! The staff was professional and courteous. Would definitely recommend!

    -Clint D.

Listened and Offered Solutions

I was not sure what to expect during my first visit. My pre-teen daughter and I had appointments. As busy as the practice was, time is precious and they were on time with everything. Staff was friendly and great at starting
conversation. They listened as well as offering solutions. They care about you! Thank you! CelesteJ.

Excellent and Compassionate

I have been going to Dr. Tom Becker for many years with great results. I believe in Chiropractic care and think it is vital to good long term health. Dr. Becker is excellent and compassionate. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a way to better health. Patricia C.

Great Teamwork!!

I was at Beckers practice about 9 years ago. They remembered me and made me feel like family. Especially when they were busy. Still found a way to get me in the same day. All around great teamwork!! David R.

Feel Better Every Visit

Dr. Tom and staff are always very helpful and make every visit very comfortable. Plus I like Dr. Tom’s selection of music he plays. And very visit I leave feeling better. William C.

Rapid Results

I was a little bit skeptical at first but was pleasantly surprised by the rapid results I got after just one visit. I’m looking forward to quick and full recovery from my condition. Tim W.

Incredibly Friendly and Enjoyable

Incredibly friendly, “family-like”, hospitable….and actually enjoyable. It was like being at someone’s home for a holiday/family gathering….everybody knew each other, and the banter/convos were great. David B.

Great Experience

Great experience and great customer service. Scott S.

Feeling Less Pain

I didn’t expect much in the way of relief on the first visit but today has been my best since this back problem surfaced last week. Looking forward to tomorrow’s appointment. If I improve as much then as I did today, the weekend is looking a lot less painful. Richard B.

Kind and Wonderful

Very kind office! Thank you for your excellent care. Amara W.

Thorough and Trustworthy

Everyone there was so warm and welcoming addressing me by my name and very thorough about my first visit. And Tom is just an amazing person. So soft spoken and trusting with my body. He’s awesome. William F.

Extremely Pleasant and Informative.

I honestly cannot speak higher of Tom Becker and the rest of Becker Chiropractic. The staff is extremely pleasant and informative, the facilities are first rate. My visits have already provided relief. And the guys a Steeler fan!? What’s not to like?? Matt S.

I Will Never Go Anywhere Else

Everyone is wonderful and cares. My last visit was about 4 years ago and the caring atmosphere hasn’t changed. Just a great place. Josh D.

Very Welcoming Place.

Very welcoming place. They really seem to know and care about their patients a lot! All of the staff are incredibly nice! Corey K.

I Will Never Go Anywhere Else

Dr. Brian was amazing! My lower back and hip “pops” out constantly. My well loved chiropractor retired and I have been to 2 other chiropractors since then. NOBODY was able to get it right. I continually went back for appts just to be disappointed. My cousin referred me to Becker Chiropractic and I will NEVER go anywhere else. In one treatment Dr. Brian was able to get my left hip and lower back in alignment. I laughed and cried happy tears! I am also so impressed with Dr. Brian in his ability to make me feel comfortable, his caring manner, and his genuineness. I was just so impressed all around! Don’t waste your time going anywhere else. Jody T.

At Ease

I am 33 years old and my visit to your office last week was the first time. I’ve never been to a chiropractor. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but felt very welcomed and at ease by the front desk staff as well as Dr. Tom. I will be returning regularly as a part of my overall health and wellness plan. Thank you for making my first (of many) visits a positive experience! Lindy L.

Excellent Experience

Tom and his staff are very knowledgeable and helped me feel confident in the practice. Each process was thoroughly explained before I experienced it, making me feel valued and eliminating any fear. I really enjoyed watching the video loop in the room where the massage chairs were located. It peaked my interest in my body’s health. I also liked the fact that there were supplements in the office that I could purchase and that each one’s purpose was thoroughly explained. My experience was excellent! Dawn L.

Doing the Job Well

Thank you to the Team what a blessing you all are to the community. Doing the Job well at every turn is not only unusual but so refreshing. Thank you for your expertise and leadership Dr. Tom. E Howard G

Felt Like a New Person

Dr Brian Becker and staff were amazing! I felt like a new person after my session and to think I have been suffering for 2 months with extreme lower back pain from pregnancy. Rachel S.

Dr. Tom Did An Amazing Job!

Great place!! Dr. Tom did an amazing job! I slept so well the night I got adjusted! Everyone was very welcoming and very personable! I’ve been wanting to go to them forever and I am so glad I finally did. I will refer anyone I know to them!! Dr. Tom was very good at explaining everything he was doing and what I had to do to keep up feeling well!! Sarah G.

Felt Very At Peace

All of the staff were so helpful and friendly. I felt very at peace there and it was only my first time. I went to another chiropractor for a year many years ago and did not have the same experience that I had at Becker Chiropractic in my first two visits. Deanna U.

Refreshing Experience

Truly a refreshing experience. From the time I entered the building to when I left my care was well organized, professional, but at the same time a very friendly and warming atmosphere. Everyone was so helpful and willing to answer all my questions. :-) Chris L.

Highly Recommend

I love Becker chiropractic! I would highly recommend this office to anyone. They go above and beyond with making your experience exceptional! Khanh L.

First Experience

Great first experience with chiropractic care. Dawn H.

Very Personable and Friendly

Dr.Brian was great! Very personable and friendly. He was genuinely concerned with my issues and health. I could tell he wanted to get me back to not being in pain again as quickly as he could, but not in a “rushing you out the door” kind of way. Very pleased with my experience!. Rosa S.

So Appreciative

I am so appreciative that Gods love and kindness was shown through the staff and Dr. Becker. I was seen on short notice and treated as a long time friend. Bringing Prayer and thankfulness into the healing process gives me so much more peace. Thank You David P.

GREAT Chiropractic business

First class establishment! From the phone call I received to set an appointment to the pre-screening and the actual treatment by Tom was an amazing experience. I’ll definitely be back and refer anyone who asks if I know a GREAT Chiropractic business. Jay U.

Feeling Better Quickly

I walked in the office with so much pain that just having someone lay their hand anywhere on my back made me flinch in pain. After all the adjustments  there was only one small section that still hurt to touch. I even said after the very first adjustment to my neck that “I love it here!” because it was instant relief! Jennifer K.

Effective Way To Relieve Pain & Improve Overall Health

I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Tom Becker! He is completely knowledgeable about what he does and uses the most effective ways to relieve pain and improve overall health. I trust him completely with my care. Almost more importantly, his office is a welcoming, peaceful environment and you just feel better after having been there! And the feeling sticks with you! We could all learn a little from Dr. Becker’s kind, genuine, gentle way of interacting with his patients. Thank you Dr. Becker! Patricia C.

Thank you so much!

I had thrown my back out the Friday before Labor Day. I spent the weekend trying to nurse it back to health. I spent 3 days hunched over and in so much pain. Tuesday I waved the white flag and called the office. They were able to get me in within an hour from the time I called. The office staff were warm and wonderful. The office ran smoothly and on-time. Dr. Becker was fantastic and down to earth. He made me feel at ease right away and explained the process. I was able to stand almost straight, which I had not been able to do for four days and the pain has started to ease. I appreciate the care and quick action by Becker Chiropractic today. Erin H

Without The Pressure

Very good first experience without the pressure that I’ve received from previous chiropractor Dan H.

Complete Relief

I was extremely impressed with the entire experience, but most of all, I was thrilled to immediately experience complete relief after a single visit for neck pain that refused to completely heal on its own – after giving my body 1.5 years to correct the misalignment unsuccessfully. Brian Becker is truly a master healer in the chiropractic arts. I won’t wait so long to be seen the next time I need a helping hand. :) Thank you! Aaron W.

Friendly and Helpful

I had never been to a Chiropractor before and was skeptical and a bit nervous. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Brian made me feel comfortable and confident that he could help me. After my first visit I felt so much better and now I can get out of bed in the morning and walk without the breath taking pain I had suffered with. I will highly recommend Becker Chiropractic to any one in need. Kerry P.

I Was Amazed!

I was amazed! Lindsey was thorough with her examination and she gave me comfort and support when I admitted fear. Dr. Tom was kind and understanding and provided amazing emotional support through my first adjustment. After my appointment, I was filled with energy that I hadn’t had in a long time. I can’t thank the staff of Becker Chiropractic enough! Natasha P.


Dr. Becker is amazing. He made me feel very at ease my first visit. I was very scared but he quickly helped me relax with his friendliness and display of experience and knowledge. Randi B.


I was very encouraged of how informative Dr. Becker is. He cares a whole lot about educating his patients, and how to create beneficial habits for your body. You could tell he, and the other staff member as well, really care about the patients. I have to admit I was a little hesitant for the adjustment part, but Dr. Becker is so easy to trust and I felt like I was in great hands. I had a wonderful experience all around. Emily B.

Highly Recommend

I’m in awe of the mechanics of this practice. Maximum turn out and I always feel like I’m getting Dr. Becker’s undivided attention. A well oiled machine, for sure! The staff works like a team that has been training together for years. I’ve never felt any stress or anxiety from tensions in the office. Everyone is always pleasant and seem to be very satisfied with their jobs. I highly recommend Becker Chiropractic. If you do not try them out, you’ll never know what you’ve been missing. Best chiropractor in central Pennsylvania, for sure! Laura H.

Felt Very Welcomed

Everyone at the practice made me feel very welcomed and sincerely cared about. It was nice not being rushed around and treated as though my concerns were not important. The knowledge sharing within the practice is thoughtful and helpful. Barbara

They Really Put Their Patients First!

The kindness and Christ-like compassion that I was shone at my appointment was just as helpful as the physical chiropractic care. Dr. Tom followed up with me that night after my first appointment and made sure I understood all of my instructions. They really put their patients first! Bethany

Feeling Great

I’ve wanted to try chiropractic care for years, but was honestly just scared. I finally decided to give it a try, and I’m hooked! Dr Tom is super knowledgeable, I feel like I could talk to him all day, and after just 2 visits I’m feeling great. I’ll definitely be making this a part of my wellness journey. Jill C.

Really Helpful

It was a great visit, everyone was super nice and really helpful. It was the most in depth chiropractor visit I’ve ever had. Thank you. Jason A.

I Would Never Go Anywhere Else

Dr. Brian is the greatest, the nicest person, so caring, I would never go anywhere else. Gail Z.

Very Grateful

So grateful that I was able to be seen the same day I called. Especially since I am a new patient. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful! Nancy M.

Best Experience

In my opinion is the best experience I have had. This is chiropractic in another level. The amount of attention and details to their patient’s, even by name is amazing. I felt welcome and happy. Thanks. Axel R.

Provides Good Explanation

Dr. Brian was very gentle and provided good explanation. Yvonne E.


This was my first experience with a chiropractor and it could not have gone more smoothly. Everyone I met was helpful and courteous, and Dr. Becker was outstanding. Thank you very much! David W.

Great First Experience!

Very friendly staff and great first experience! Erika J.

Great Personnel

Great atmosphere and personnel. Neill M.

Excellent Experience!

Excellent experience! I will definitely be back, and I will recommend this to everyone I know! I felt truly cared for, not just another patient. The personal treatment made me feel confident in my choice of chiropractors. Rachel J.

Very Pleased

I was very pleased and impressed with the all of the staff today. They all make you feel at home. Max C.

Wonderful And Friendly Staff

Staff is wonder and very friendly. I look forward to my next visit and to the healing it will begin to bring. Cliff B.

ReneeHappy With My Experience

I have never been to a chiropractic office where the chiropractor calls you at night to check on how you’re feeling later in the evening. It is clear that Tom takes his work very seriously, and that he loves what he does! After my first visit, I am happy with my experience, and am very hopeful that my issues will be resolved over the next few visits. Renee O.

Awesome Service

Awesome service! Kathleen C.


Great adjustment, great staff. Elizabeth H.

Nice Doctor

Tom is such a nice doctor. Jonathan P.

So Imformative

Everyone was so nice and wanted to help me. The whole atmosphere was one of caring and kindness. Dr. Tom was so informative and was very personable. I felt very confident that I would be helped. Sue C.

A Great Experience!

Very friendly and professional. I also feel certain I will get the care I need; all the care I need, but not feel pushed into unnecessary care. A great experience! Duane B.

Very Impressed

Very impressed by the attention I was given and the professionalism of all. Would definitely recommend to others! Bonnie Z.

Great First Time Experience

Great first time experience! Thanks for all your help and for being so professional. Judith G.

In Good Hands

The staff and Dr. Tom were polite, professional and very compassionate when I came into the office. I feel I am in good hands with Becker Chiropractic. Thank you so much! Helena M.

Good Experience

This was a good experience and I will be recommending this practice to my family and friends. Sharon C.


Dr. Becker and his staff are amazing. I always know I will get excellent help. Sheldon L.

Extremely Pleasant Staff

All the staff and Dr.Tom were extremely pleasant and kind through the entire process, including scheduling the appointment. Carla S.

Nice Practice

Very nice practice! Jill Y.

Feeling So Much Better

Dr. Tom has been my chiropractor for many years. I moved to Florida six year ago and tried to find another chiropractor. Many attempts failed. I was back in PA and immediately saw Dr. Tom and in just a few visits he had me feeling so much better. In the next year I will be moving back to PA just to ensure my chiropractic care is restored. Thank you all at Becker Chiropractic for making me smile. Robin G.

I Trust You With My Back Pain

As a new patient I came in apprehensive. Dr. Becker’s personality set me at ease but I was still worried as I have chronic back issues. I felt better after the adjustment although I was sore the next day as he said I would be but only for a day. My lower back pain went away for over a week. I knew I found the right doctor. He told me I might have to go back again and I will because I finally found someone I can trust with my back. Oh, and when I was ready to go he saw me roll my shoulder. He questioned me about it and asked if he could adjust my neck. I was amazed with the relief I felt. It allowed me to roll my shoulder behind my back. Thank you Dr. Becker. Mary C.

Great Experience

My first visit was a great experience. Everyone was very welcoming. I felt very comfortable. I immediately felt better after being adjusted. Very happy with my care! Sarah S.

Wonderful Staff

Everyone has been very pleasant and helpful. As a new patient I was very scared and was immediately put at ease by your wonderful staff. Shirley S.

Very Comfortable

Felt very comfortable and at ease for my first visit. Nora F.

Fabulous And Friendly

Dr. B. is fabulous and friendly. He seems to truly care for his patients and connected with my son immediately. My son was relaxed and had full trust in Dr. B. In fact, he’s excited about his next visit. I’m even considering setting up an appointment for myself, which is a huge step for me. Having my neck/back adjusted makes me extremely nervous, but I suffer from headaches and migraines often. I think it would be beneficial for me. Thank you for an amazing A+ visit. The office staff is just as friendly and wonderful and I love how they know the names of all their patients. Aidan B.

Excellent Experience

Never had a doctor call me at home just to see how I was feeling. Excellent experience would recommend to anyone. Ronald S.

Helpful And Nice

Everyone was so helpful and nice. Tracy M.


Everyone there is awesome. Joe Z.

Happy Family

Love you guys, always made to feel like we’re all part of a big happy family. George K.


I have been coming since 1998 and it has been outstanding ever since! Christine C.


Ya Don’t change anything. All the gang is awesome! Denny & Linda C.

Felt Very Welcomed

From the moment I entered the practice I felt very welcomed. I was greeted with a smile, which was great, being the first time I had been to a chiropractor! Dr. Becker is wonderful and kind and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for chiropractic care, and that will be a lot, considering I am a massage therapist! Thanks again! Karen H.

Feeling Like A Brand New Person

I feel like a brand new person after my first visit! I also had the best sleep of my life! Thank you so much! Kaitlin B.

Amazed At The Level Of Care And Concern Given

I am amazed at the level of care and concern given for each patient! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a facility that genuinely cared as much for the patients well being as Dr. Becker does. The evening phone call to check up after my first visit, simply cements my feeling that I made the right decision to become part of this chiropractic family. Tami K.

I’m Very Thankful

I needed to be seen almost as an emergency case because I was experiencing unbearable pain due to a gym injury from the night before. I was rotated clockwise around my spine by 5 degree and tilted to left by 10 degrees. When I went in, I had a fairly good idea of what was going on, however, Dr. Becker did a precise diagnosis and made the appropriate adjustment. 3 hours after the adjustment I was standing erect and walking around like nothing happened. I’m very thankful to the staff for accommodating me at the very last minute. Dr. Becker is a genuinely nice guy and I would recommend him to my family and friends. Randeep K.

Extremely Pleased

Very friendly staff and was extremely pleased with Dr. Tom Becker. He was very positive and explained a lot. I had a great adjustment. Amy S.

Pain Free Life

I love the Beckers excellent doctors that have helped me live a more pain free life without drugs! Dr. Tom has also worked on my children and I have seen amazing benefits by having them treated also. Kelly K.

Magic Hands

The entire experience was wonderful. The staff took great care to understand the extreme pain I was in and acted quickly to help. I cannot say enough about Dr. Becker. He has “magic hands”. He calmed my anxiousness, soothed my worry, and treated my pain. He knew instantly what needed to be done and right away I knew that God sent me to the right place. What a true blessing he is. I am so thankful to know that if I’m in pain; I can continue to go to a place I trust. I highly recommend this place to all of my family and friends…I’m a customer for life! Thongsa L.

Love This Place

I have tried other chiropractors, but there is no other one out there to compare to Becker Chiropractic. Absolutely love this place and I tell everyone about them. Cindy B.

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