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  • Dr. Tom and his staff are very thorough as well as kind and caring. Very happy with my experience thus far.

    - Heather C.
  • Tom was great. Very attentive and to the point.

    - Alan M.
  • Thank you so much for always helping me achieve better health. Also, thank you for helping my teenage son break his habit of cracking his neck all day long. One visit with Dr. Becker and his issue was resolved. Thank You!

    - Bridget D.
  • I appreciate the help, hugs, and smiles of Becker Chiropractic! I enjoy the relaxed yet professional atmosphere! Thank you for giving me excellent care.

    - Jeanne H.
  • This was my first chiropractic visit ever and it was amazing!

    - Shawndell R.
  • It was all I could have ever hoped for and more!! Thank You

    - Ralph W.
  • Love the positive energy of the entire staff.

    - Mike M.
  • Wonderful first experience. Would highly recommend to others.

    - Sarah M.
  • Hadn’t felt this good in months – thank you.

    - Donna E.
  • I was really impressed with the staff, the attention and care I received, and the positive atmosphere of the office.

    - Jessica F.
  • As usual Dr. Brian was so nice, professional and very quick and efficient!

    - Jennifer W.
  • Dr. Tom and his staff were wonderful as always! I’ve been coming here since 1992 and won’t go anywhere else even though I live an hour away now! What a blessing you all are!

    - Stephen S.
  • The atmosphere is pleasant, clean and good ability keeping time schedules.

    - Mary Louise B.
  • Loved how the staff were very friendly and caring. Dr. Tom Becker was excellent!! Will definitely refer people to your practice.

    - Jennifer Z.
  • Amazing first experience! Felt very welcomed and it was great. Loved the massage chair at the end! Thanks!

    - Karyn R.
  • Great service! Super informative and friendly! Couldn’t be happier. Thanks for having me.

    - Joseph C.
  • This is probably the friendliest staff I have ever met!

    - Janice M.
  • My first visit was great. The feeling of being welcomed and important made the experience great. The second visit was even better, walking in and being welcomed by my first name meant I wasn’t just another number. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    - Earl G.
  • Can’t wait for next appointment!

    - Patrice W.
  • Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality. Even your patients were welcoming too.

    - Colleen H.
  • Very personable, hospitable, and educational staff. Becker Chiropractic truly seem to hold themselves to a higher standard of care for their patients.

    - Adrian R.
  • I came in with awful pain. After 2 visits the pain is dull and I’m on track to having the pain go away completely.

    - Angela M.
  • It was a great customer service experience and the professional service provided was excellent.

    - Sheri H.
  • Great place to receive help!

    - Judy C.
  • Wonderful experience!

    - Diane F.
  • It was an amazing first experience. I look forward to making Becker my primary chiropractic service. I was truly impressed by the personalization and friendliness of all staff members.

    - Kaitlin M.
  • Scheduling an appointment with Becker Chiropractic was the best decision that I have ever made.

    - Michael L.
  • It was my first ever visit to a Chiropractor. As an equestrian and someone who has lived with scoliosis their whole life I was simply amazed at how I felt when I walked out the door. Refreshed, renewed and repaired!

    - Ann K.
  • Dr. Brian you are the best.

    - Patricia S.
  • I’m quite happy with my first experience with this practice.

    - Gary L.
  • Everyone was so friendly. An upbeat, positive atmosphere best describes this practice.

    - Debra H.
  • Very friendly office and made me feel very welcome as a new patient.

    - Jodi S.
  • Dr. Brian is the best! He’s experienced in his work and always professional. I recommend the practice to all my friends.

    - Adam E.
  • I was so happy with my first visit experience. NEVER, have I been seen and treated so promptly – I can’t wait for this week’s visit!

    - Dottie B.
  • Beyond the professionalism, every person I encountered was incredibly friendly and welcoming. Like a family!

    - Tara Z.
  • First visit and I’m walking normally again. Thank you and see you soon!

    - Mark M.

I have tried other chiropractors, but there is no other one out there to compare to Becker Chiropractic. Absolutely love this place and I tell everyone about them.
~Cindy B.

I will definitely refer family and friends. Everyone was friendly and professional from start to finish. Dr. Tom is an excellent practitioner.
~Lynette L.

Everything was great! Thank you so much!
~Rob R.

Everyone very friendly, Dr.Brian explained treatment, good listener. Overall very good first visit.
~Scott A.

It was a great first experience.
~Shannon S.

Very impressed and looking forward to my next visit!
~Natalya P.

I am glad that I chose Becker Chiropractic. I highly recommend Tom Becker to all who need adjustments. Not only is he highly skilled, he truly cares about his patients.
~Jacquleine J.

Staff were attentive and explained everything before I could even ask!
~Kim A.

What a pleasant first experience with Dr. Brian!
~Mallary G.

Very impressive practice. I will absolutely recommend your services to anyone in need.
~Daneen H.

Was very pleased with how friendly the staff was.
~Thomas T.

What a great experience. I was predisposed against chiropractic. Dr. Becker is a very skilled and compassionate professional.
~Andrea W.

From the moment I walked in everything was wonderful. I felt extremely relaxed and look forward to my next visit and continued health and overall life improvements.
~Jonathan D.

I was amazed at how friendly everyone was an will definitely recommend to others.
~ Todd L.

The staff at Becker Chiropractic are amazing. They are friendly and go out of their way to help. Dr. Brian is one of the best doctors I have encountered. He explained what he is going to do to help you feel better. He truly cares about his patients and I would highly recommend their practice.

~ Scott L.

Dr. Tom was a breath of fresh air. Most doctors are way too clinical…but he treats each patient as though they are the most important one he sees. I genuinely believe he will help me ‘straighten’ my body! His approach to patients spills onto his entire staff. They were all friendly, upbeat, helpful and caring. Actually, I made up my mind this was the practice for me as soon as I walked in the door! I would definitely recommend the practice.

~ Paula V.

You guys are the best! My first visit was so welcoming and attentive. Thank you!

~ Lisa L.

From the time I entered the office until my leaving, your office ran like a Swiss watch. Everyone was so helpful and knew what they were doing.

~ Greg H.

Excellent experience from start to finish! Dr. Brian and the entire staff were pleasant, professional, and extremely helpful. Thanks so much!

~ Jenna C.

Thank you for welcoming me so warmly into your practice. I felt comfortable and soothed that I was not judged on my bad habits such as cracking my neck and slouching. The staff’s belief that I can be well is refreshing. Thank you.

~ Karen C.

Couldn’t have had a better experience!

~ Rebecca S.

I felt brand new when I walked out to my car. Had an extra kick in my step thanks to Dr. Brian Becker!

~ Tiffany D.

Dr.Tom has great people skills. I feel confident he will be helping me. My neck and shoulder feel better today. Thank You.

~ Julia R.

God be with you and staff. Thanks for all of the work you did to get me back on my feet.

~ Connie S.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the professionalism, helpfulness and genuine kindness of you and your staff. It definitely seems as though it is a lost art in the healthcare field these days, so I was taken back by the wonderful presence in your office.

~ Albert B.

Treatment was tailored to my specific needs. It was not “one size fits all”. I like that.

~ Albert B.

Dr. Brian is excellent with children. I love to refer others to this practice.

~ Christine S.

Everyone was very friendly, the service was fast and, although it is very busy there, getting an appointment at a moment’s notice is easy.

~ Emily G.

I can’t believe how quick Dr. Brian put my shoulder back in place. This has been a problem for at least 10 years. Not to mention two other chiropractors had been consulted. Thank you.

~ William O.

Oh how I love chiropractic adjustments.I have hardly any aches and pains in my body, and I’m 57 years old. Chiropractic adjustments from Dr.Becker got me feeling so much better and faster than all the time that went by when I thought time would heal on its own. After a bad fall on the ice and snow this January, I never thought I would feel better again, but Dr.Becker got me feeling even better before I had fallen. I fully recommend chiropractic adjustments and treatments from Dr.Becker and all of his staff.

~ Genny A.

Love the fact that Dr. Tom has a good sense of humor, laughter is great medicine. I have been a chiropractic patient for many years and having done some comparison shopping since moving to this area. I felt that the whole staff “cared” for me as an individual. From the first phone call through to the the end of my visit, I was treated in a very friendly and professional manner by all staff members. Thanks Guys and Gals.

~ Chris B.

Dr. Brian Becker made me feel welcome and after a few minutes with him, I knew he was going to help me with my issues. The office staff was helpful and very friendly, which is a breath of fresh air. I now consider myself a member of the large Becker family/clientele. Thank you for a great experience!

~ Susan H.

Dr. Becker is absolutely fabulous. He takes time to explain all of his infinite knowledge, the causes of the symptoms and a healthy way to maintain one’s intricate body system. By far he is truly a caring and gifted healer. Thank you! God is working miracles through you.

~ Marzena B.

This was my first chiropractor experience. The staff was very friendly answered all of my questions and made my experience as enjoyable as possible given I was in a lot of pain. Dr. Tom was excellent. He hit all key points and explained everything to me in a way I could understand. I’m excited to come back.

~ Ashley L.

Love the relaxing atmosphere and Christian music. Love the massage chair. Love the compassion I feel from Doctor Tom Becker. He understands the pain I’m in and is very understanding and compassionate.

~ Genevieve A.

Everyone I met was very friendly and made me feel at home. Staff and Dr. T. Becker were professional and knowledgeable.

~ Luis R.

Wonderful first experience. Better than I could have hoped for!

~ James W.

You all made me feel very at ease and the explanation from the doctor was very helpful. Thanks!

~ Nate C.

I will refer Dr. Bryan to everyone! SUPERB!

~ Terry W.

Great experience very friendly staff!

~ Brian M.

This was my first visit to a chiropractor and after my session, I can’t believe I waited so long to make an appointment. Staff was great, the doctor was confident and truly helped with my neck pain after one adjustment. Thanks.

~ Susan D.

I was very pleased with the doctor, practice and how helpful everyone was.

~ Sharon J.

The most personal and caring staff I have ever encountered. Already refereed friends and will continue to do so!

~ Rebecca F.

Dr. Brian was recommended by my massage therapist and two personal friends. I was not disappointed. Dr. Brian possesses great friendly positive energy. He was attentive, asked questions about my health and life, and was enthusiastic that together we could make improvements in my health. He was so kind to wish me happy birthday and to waive the 20.00 fee in honor of my birthday. An amazing start to a healing rapport and a great gift to self of health. Thank you!

~ Shaashawn D.

I have not been to a chiropractor in more than 20+ years. It was obvious to me from the moment that I walked in the door, that the Becker team is a “well-oiled machine”. The professionalism and friendliness was at a perfect mix. I love the pre-adjustment therapy it permitted my body to relax prior to my adjustment. Dr. Tom was clear and succinct about what he was going to do, and what he wanted me to do after the adjustment. Overall, it was a pleasant experience. I am grateful for Jeff’s recommendation!

~ Renee C.

Very happy to begin the process of healing a long term headache problem. Dr. Becker and his staff (and fellow patients) gave me great confidence. A good part of wellness is socialization and this is a fantastic place to meet other folks while working toward a goal of pain free days ahead.

~ Molly B.

Even though it was my first visit it was a game changer in how I think and feel now. One visit and I’m hopeful that my problems will be solved. The staff and doctors were phenomenal in how they treated myself and other patient’s around me. It was a great visit and I look forward to coming back.

~ Kenneth B.

I’m definitely a believer! My back is 100% better than the day I walked into your office.
Thank you so very much!

~ Sherrie H.

I think that the atmosphere that you have created at your office is positive, friendly and certainly lends itself to helping people feel better the moment they walk in the door. I have to admit that I was a non-believer and skeptical……After my first visit I was sold! You have changed my attitude about chiropractic medicine and I am better for it. Thank you all very much!

~ Kenneth G.

I had a GREAT first visit. I’ve been to a few chiropractors and my first visit with Becker Chiropractic was by far the best experience. I never received an initial consultation as thorough as I had at this office! Excellent care!

~ Debora M.

I had never been to a chiropractor before. The staff was fantastic at making me feel comfortable every step of the way. I could barely walk when I came to see you. I had 2 treatments in 3 days, and I almost have 100% range of motion back. I’m amazed, grateful and can’t thank you enough.

~ Shane M.